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Animal Prints Are This Season’s Wildest Trend

Calling all risk-takers, dog lovers, cat ladies, horse whisperers: these days, regular ol’ leopard print isn’t enough to suit our maximalist, embellishment-loving tastes. True, the classic pattern will always have its place on the runways. But with every passing season, more and more designers are side stepping animal prints and putting actual animals (and insects) on their pieces.

 The Pre-Fall 2018 collections were a literal zoo. Big cats stole the show at Givenchy, Stella McCartney and Valentino — who could forget the latter’s jungle-green, tiger-embellished jumpsuit? Gucci put twin Frenchies on a hot pink sweatshirt; Delpozo did painterly, parrot-inspired prints. At Oscar de la Renta, seagulls flocked, appearing on a shirtdress, a peplum tunic and an intarsia sweater. In keeping with the “summer at the seaside” theme, fish — or rather, fish bones — decorated a tulle gown (and dangled off ears).

We’re less than halfway through the fall collections and already the trend is picking up speed. This time around, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia expanded their menagerie to include deer, dogs, rabbits, monkeys, exotic birds and even unicorns, taking inspiration from Elizabethan “enchanted forest” tapestries. For Carolina Herrera’s final collection — creative director Wes Gordon will be taking her place — the baroness of evening wear showed whimsical wildcat prints in lieu of her signature florals. And at R13’s environmentalism-minded show, onlookers bird-watched by way of hoodies and long-sleeved tees.

Cowboy Boots wearing style

We never know what trends are going to resonate in the fickle world of fashion. We didn’t expect ugly shoes or grandpa sneakers to take hold, but they did. And we never expected cowboy boots to be stomping down the runways at fashion week, much less seeing them on fashionistas attending the shows, but they’re here and they’re being snapped up.

 Looking back, the clues were there that cowboy boots were due for a revival. There has been a big Western theme on the runways for several seasons. We’ve had fringe, double denim and cowboy hats, so we were bound to get cowboy boots sooner or later. The last time the footwear style caught hold was at the height of the mid-2000s’ boho craze when we were looking for something to wear besides pirate boots and UGGs. So it’s about time the classic Western boot returned.

Cowboy boots may not be considered anything exceptional to those out West, but wearing it in other territories can be tricky. Embrace the Wild West theme too much and risk looking like an extra in a Western film. Layer the footwear with the wrong pieces and it will look disjointed. When done right, cowboy boots can add an element of surprise to the most basic outfits. They can be a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, a little bit bohemian and even a little bit preppy. That leaves ample opportunities to seamlessly slot them into an existing wardrobe.

If you’ve mastered fringe and double denim, cowboy boots are the final frontier. And we know that you have what it takes to pull them off, partner. Get suited and booted with these fashion-forward ways to wear cowboy boots in the city.

Time toUpgrade your Classic Denim Jacket to latest trends

A denim jacket is a wardrobe staple that traverses all seasons. A jean jacket looks good whether it’s the only denim piece in an outfit or it’s paired with jeans for a double (or even triple) denim look. The last few seasons have seen classic blue jeans get an unbasic makeover with pompoms, fringe, embellishment and patches jazzing up the humble fabric. Now, it’s time for denim jackets to get an upgrade.

For this season’s denim jacket, almost anything goes and the styles are more extra than ever. The recent runways displayed a variety of standout jean jackets. Ashley Williams offered a bleached denim jacket with black tie-dye, while Adam Selman decorated the sleeve hems of a true blue jean jacket with a floral design. Coach and Elie Saab went for full-on embellishment with nothing considered off-limits. Beading, faux feathers, studs, pearly accents and trim were all used — often together.

Off the runways, fashion girls have been embracing the customized look of upgraded denim jackets. Surprise-in-the-back options, patches and unexpected silhouettes proved to be the popular styles on the streets. Those looking to try the trend could DIY their own jacket, but that isn’t necessary because there are so many fantasy options in stores. Embroidery, frills, contrasting fabrics, patches, sequins and even chain mail are all on offer. Pick your favorite style, then wear your next-level denim jacket exactly as you would a classic style — but with a lot more impact.